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What is Morfa Beach, Conwy Like for Sea Glass Hunting?

Updated: May 23

Welcome to the 5th blog post in my series of sea glass beach reviews, this week we’re looking at Conwy in North Wales (Morfa Beach).

Sea Glass Beach Guide
Sea Glass Map of the UK by Karin Lambert

Referring back to my handy little map, you can see it receives a mention for being a top location and it doesn’t disappoint. More than anything else, it’s a stunning beach and well worth a visit on its own merits so it won’t be a wasted trip even if you don’t find anything.


I stumbled across this location completely by accident. North Wales, Snowdonia in particular, is a long-held favourite of mine and Tom’s because we love hill walking. It just so happened we fancied a change of scene one day, stuck a pin in the map and decided to visit Conwy for a day out. The town itself is fascinating, full of charming shops, curious antiques, nice cakes, a castle and Great Britain's tiniest dwelling.

A piece of white pottery with the number 13 on it.
Lucky Piece of Pottery?

Strolling round the harbour area, we noticed an awful lot of broken pottery pieces in the sand which got the cogs whirring, obviously. I found a strange piece with the number '13' on it and decided it was a ‘sign’ that there was definitely more to come!

Morfa Beach

So, we took the short drive to the beach, which literally is minutes from the town, before arriving at a handy free car park. Facilities are limited though, be warned, find a loo and grab provisions before you head out there. But what it lacks in amenities, it makes up for in tranquillity and scenery. The beach is wide, sandy and you can walk along it for a good long way.

You would be forgiven for thinking that there wouldn’t be much on offer on a sandy beach but it doesn’t take long to spot the odd piece of aquamarine glass just lying there on top of the sand. That’s the thing I have noticed about Morfa glass, is the colour of it, beautiful aquas, proper ‘Mermaid’s Tears’.

A picture of a deserted sandy beach
Morfa Beach, Conwy

How Much Glass is at Morfa?

Well, surprisingly, quite a bit, but you have to venture away from the water somewhat towards the back of the beach where the stones are and that’s when you can start cleaning up. Quite literally actually… I found a crisp packet from the 1990s in amongst the shingle! There is also a large amount of fascinating pottery and masonry if you’re into that sort of thing.

The thing I will say about the glass is it isn’t smooth like glass I’ve found in other locations, not sharp as such, but not as well tumbled as glass you find on other beaches. I do use it though, due to the gorgeous shades of blue I find there, it makes beautiful water for my bestselling little cottage pennants/bunting which were inspired by my first ever trip to Conwy.

In summary, what are the plus points?

It’s easy to get to if you’re holidaying in Snowdonia and makes a lovely day trip if you fancy a day away from the hills.

The town has many interesting things you can visit and you can easily spend a day milling about, visiting the castle, the shops and having a lovely lunch.

There is enough beachcombing to keep your interest levels and you’ll end up with a decent haul. The beach itself is calm, peaceful and away from the milling crowds you find in other locations.

See also my main page covering everything you need to know about sea glass hunting.

Would you like to have a go at making your own sea glass art? Check out my craft kit containing everything you need to get started.

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