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Capturing your special moments; making it possible to show how much you care."

Hi, I'm Helen and despite living nowhere near the coast, I have always loved the sea. I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to collecting sea glass, shells, pebbles and driftwood from my various beach combing expeditions and in 2020, with time on my hands, I discovered I had a talent for creating artwork from my finds. It was a wonderful distraction during a pretty stressful year but I also found an audience and discovered that using my creativity to connect with other people made me really happy. Since then I haven't looked back and in 2021 decided to leave my office job and start creating full time.

The sea glass I use in my designs I collect from beaches around the UK when I'm on my travels. You can find examples of my work available to buy in my shop and I also do a lot of personalised gifts, such as wedding gifts, for customers who are looking for extra special bespoke and original piece. You can find me and my sea glass pictures at various arts markets, check this link to see my diary. If you like my designs, or if I can make you something, please visit my shop or get in touch with me directly. If you would like to book onto one of my workshops and create your own sea glass art, please book online.

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