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What are the Craft Happy Prices for 2023?

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

I am changing my pricing structure for commissioned work in 2023. The reason for this is not to make a price increase, but to allow greater flexibility to charge according to the length of time a piece of work takes me to complete.

As an increasing number of requests for more time consuming complex pieces are being received, I have found that my 2022 pricing structure doesn't always cover costs and as I have always been transparent and stuck to my communicated pricing structure, I have sometimes lost out so changes are needed.

That being said, it is also entirely possible that, under the new structure, a piece will be cheaper now than it was before if it is a simple design that I have repeated many times and no amendments are requested. My overall aim, therefore, is to make the pricing fairer and reflective of the time taken to produce the finished piece.

Frame Sizes

I am still using the frame sizes as shown in the photographs below with the addition of black frames now being available in the medium size.

You have free choice on colour and to help you decide, once I have completed your design, I will frame it in both white and grey and take photos to show you.

In the 3rd photo, you can see some examples of designs I have made in all three sizes and with both coloured frames. When you place your order, it is useful if you have an idea about the size and a rough design. You might also want me to include some personalised text, maybe a meaningful quote or names and dates to mark a special occasion.

A Little Note About How I Work

At this stage, I find it useful to explain the process of creating a picture, especially when text is being added. Text is always printed and so this is done first and then the pieces of sea glass are glued afterwards. I will always send you a photograph before I glue anything and ask you to check both the text and the design because if you decide you want to change something after it has been glued, essentially the whole design needs to start again. I am explaining this because it has happened a few times and I need to make it clear that going forwards, under the new structure, charges will apply to repeat the process and it will significantly add to the cost. It is easy to add to a design but you can't really remove anything once it is glued so please bear that in mind.

With all of that said, my prices for 2023 are as follows:

Small frames: £6 + £20 per hour design charges + £2 for text personalisation

Medium frames: £9 + £20 per hour design charges + £2 for text personalisation

Large frames: £12 + £20 per hour design charges + £2 for text personalisation

Postage is not included in these prices and starts at £2.85 for 48 hour tracked but I reserve the right to quote more if the item is higher value and more cover is needed. Once we have agreed on a design, I will ask for a £10 deposit before starting the work.

Please note these prices are for commissioned orders only, you may see different prices on my shop items.

If you want to place an order, or you have any further questions, please email me your request to Email is always preferred as I receive a lot of communication and it helps me to prioritise things.

Many thanks, Helen

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