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Why is it so important to Keep Shopping Locally?

Updated: Mar 20

The idea for this blog came about after I was recently contact by a lovely new customer who had seen a beautiful Valentine’s product in her Instagram feed but she didn’t want to order it because she instead wanted to buy from someone who was local. She asked me to produce something for her that was similar (and please note, I merely used the photo she sent me for inspiration and created completely my own take on the idea). However, the point I am making in this blog is that on a personal level it’s so lovely to feel supported in this way but also, I wanted to highlight how important this is to the local economy.

We all know that money is tight for everyone at the moment but when you buy from a local producer, not only do you receive something unique and personal to you that can’t be reproduced by a large manufacturer. Perhaps more importantly, it’s good to know that the money you spend when you shop local actually goes a lot further and here’s how…

The Money you Spend is reinvested into the Local Economy

Small businesses who are based in the local area are much more likely to spend their earnings in the local area and this is not just luxury items but basic items too like food and clothes. Local businesses understand the benefits of supporting other local businesses and so it grows.

You are Far More Likely to Receive a Better Customer Experience

Small businesses are more likely to invest the time getting to know you personally as a customer and to recognise you as part of the community in which they operate. They are grateful to you for your support and recognise the part you play in their development and this is reflected in the service that they give you, or at least it should be 😊.

Small Businesses are More Likely to Support Local Charities and Schemes

Again, as part of their commitment to the community they serve, many small businesses give back to local charities and partnerships to help support the area in which they live and keep it strong. This is something that you just don’t get with larger organisations.

It Helps to Keep a Unique Shopping Experience Alive

Independent businesses offer variety and unique products that you can’t buy on the High Street or on Amazon. By continuing to support this, you are helping to keep this alive for yourself and everyone else in your community.

It’s good for the environment

Shopping local helps reduce your carbon footprint because you are travelling less to make the purchases you need but also because local businesses also buy from local businesses, this reduction is further exaggerated.

I hope these few reminders will help to convince you if you aren’t convinced already and once again, it’s a huge thank you from me for supporting your local creators and for doing your bit.

Helen xx

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