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Prices 2022

I often get asked about prices for commissions and bespoke pieces. I understand that it can feel awkward asking if you haven't commissioned work from an artist before, so I thought it might be helpful to give you some clarification and guidance.

As a general rule, my prices depend on the size of the frame I use. The only exception to this would be if, for some reason, you asked me to fill the space within the frame with sea glass – I would charge more in that case but for 99% of the designs I do, these prices will apply.

To make it easy, I have used a simple description for frame size: small, medium and large and these are shown in the photo with their dimensions:

Frames are available in two colours – white and grey – you can choose which

one you prefer. To help you decide, once I have completed your design, I will frame it in both white and then grey and take a photo of each to show you. I personally find that the grey frames work really well with a lot of my designs but when buying as a gift and you’re not sure about the intended’s décor, it can often be easier to choose white.

In the photo you can see some examples of designs I have made in all three sizes and with both coloured frames. When you place your order, it is useful if you have an idea about the size and a rough design. You might also want me to include some personalised text, maybe a meaningful quote or names and dates to mark a special occasion. I charge slightly extra for this to cover printing costs (see below).

The process to add text to a design is to print the text first and stick the pieces to the printed card afterwards creating a ‘flat text’ design. In this instance, I always send through photographs to you before gluing anything as the text can’t easily be changed afterwards. If you decide you want to add text to a design after it has been glued then the text can be printed and added. In this case, it would appear as a slightly raised piece of card that has been glued in place. Asking for a flat design at this stage, or changing the text, would involve me removing all of the glued pieces and starting the design again. I would reserve the right to make an additional charge in that scenario due to the extra time involved but for this reason I will check and double check with you before finalising the design.

With all of that said, my prices for 2022 are as follows:

Small frames: £20 without personalised text, £22 if text is required.

Medium frames: £30 without personalised text, £32 if text is required.

Large frames: £40 without personalised text, £42 if text is required.

Postage is not included in these prices and starts at £3 for standard second class. Once we have agreed on a design, I will ask for a £10 deposit before starting the work.

Please note these prices are for commissioned orders, you may see different prices on my shop items.

If you want to place an order, or you have any further questions, please email me your request to Email is always preferred as I receive a lot of communication and it helps me to manage it and deal with things in order.

Many thanks, Helen

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