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How to Buy From Me

2020 was the year I started Craft Happy. I was furloughed, had time on my hands and I needed personal fulfilment. I’ve always been creative and connecting with people through items I have made is something I have wanted to do for a number of years, but my full time office job always meant I never had the time or the energy to get my ideas off the ground.

While I was getting things off the ground and gaining confidence in my creative work, I spent most of my time either making things that were in my head or reacting to requests from customers for bespoke items for their friends and loved ones. This was hugely rewarding and I grew massively as a result.

I took some time out at the end of 2020 to reflect on what I had achieved and to decide where I wanted to take it. At the beginning of 2021 I made some big plans and those are currently shaping up nicely.

It is my intention to provide the best service that I can to my loyal customers but the reality is that I still work 4 days a week for a major company and my creative time is limited. Planning social media content, stocking my online shop, sorting out my accounts and advertising my work all take a lot of time and to do all of this as well as building on what I achieved in 2020 means I am forced to be very strict with myself about how I spend it. In addition to this, allowing time for the creative process to take place is paramount to a business such as mine and I find this is more difficult when I am under pressure. If I allow that to suffer then Craft Happy isn’t what it should be.

My preferred option for customers to purchase items from me is through my online platform on The simple reason being that the transaction process is handled efficiently and it saves me a lot of valuable time. One of my priorities for 2021 will be to keep the shop stocked with new items based on fresh ideas and create collections for events throughout the year that you can browse to hopefully find that perfect special something. However, I understand that there will be times when you want to order unique and truly individual items from me. After all, this is how I have built my success to date and it’s also important.

I would therefore ask that once you have checked the shop and you decide you still want to make a bespoke order, you make note of the following to help me to help you:

· I have less time this year than I had last year for bespoke orders so please allow as much time as you can with your deadline, especially at busy times such as Christmas.

· Please order by messaging my Craft Happy page and include as much detail as you can – wording, deadline, colours, size, etc.

· Wait for me to get back to you with a quote and a Paypal link for you to make payment, once payment is received then I will start your order.

· Postage will automatically be included but if you want to collect from me to save on this, please also state this in your message.

· This is the only method that I will be using to take orders so don’t assume if you have commented on one of my posts, even if I ‘like’ it or reply to it, that I have automatically started your order as my social media feed is quite busy and I can’t guarantee I will remember all requests made this way.

· Unfortunately, due to the specific materials that I use, there will be times when I can’t make something that you have requested in the way that you want it. If this is the case I will tell you rather than make you feel obliged to accept something not 100% perfect just because I’ve made it for you.

· In addition, you may want to make small amendments to the finished item, so I will always send you a photograph for approval before I send it. Once you have approved this, the item will be dispatched.

· I check my messages 4 times a day if I have the time available – although on Mondays to Thursdays, when I am working elsewhere, this isn’t always possible so please don’t be offended if you don’t receive a response immediately.

Many thanks for your understanding, much love x

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