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Crafting for Happiness

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Welcome to My Happy Place - what it is and why I have created it

I would like to introduce you to another side of my business called, ‘My Happy Place’.

When I first started serious crafting, this is what I called it. So called because it took me away from the pandemic, the anxiety and the uncertainty of my career situation. We were in lockdown and it was one of the most difficult situations I have ever had to navigate. I know that for so many of us, that was a familiar feeling and we were all looking for our individual forms of escapism, using the down time to reconnect with things that we used to enjoy in the past.

Mental Wellbeing

Many of us were feeling anxious about returning to normal life, but there were also people whose mental wellbeing had been seriously affected by the pandemic and so I had the idea to bring people together again through craft. The idea came about from a simple fact…. it was working for me so maybe it would work for others too.

It’s a known fact that creativity is good for your wellbeing. It allows you some headspace away from stressful situations, it’s a pleasant distraction from negative thoughts and improves concentration and focus. The best thing about it though is the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve made something beautiful, something you can treasure and feel happy about every time you look at it.


In June 2021 I held my first workshop and 6 people came along to make a sea glass picture. It was a wonderful experience and I followed it up with 2 more picture workshops in August and September as well as 2 Christmas workshops towards the end of the year. All of these have been really well received and the feedback has been great (thank you everyone who attended).

Crafting at Home

Attendees asked me to consider making up some kits that could be enjoyed at home and so I am delighted to now be able to offer these to you. If they do well, I think it would be lovely to follow up with some Christmas craft kits in 2022.

All of these activities form the side of my business called ‘My Happy Place’ which I have big future plans for. I hope that’s that happiness is what it brings you if you decide to dip into it and give it a go. It’s a pleasure to be able to bring you the feeling of wellbeing that doing this brings to me.

Keep well everyone, Helen x

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